John Foreman

RR #l Bancroft Ontario KOL 1CO Canada
Phone: 613 332-3689
Email: jdforeman@yahoo.com

John Foreman Authentic Broadaxe Hand HewingJohn Foreman is Bancroft Ontario’s multi-talented old time lumberjack incarnate. John’s hand hewing of great logs into square timbers with dovetail joints is unparalleled. Hand hewn logs are used for authentic looking antique rustic style timber homes and buildings.

Foreman’s interest in hand hewn square timbers came about when he purchased a log home which he planned to move to his property in North Hastings near Dungannon. While moving his newly purchased square timber home, John discovered that some of the logs were rotting and would need to be replaced.

John wanted his new authentic timber home to have a consistent hand hewn look and he knew that he couldn’t get that rustic look from a lumber mill.

In the early 1990’s John Foreman found his grandfathers broadaxe on the garage floor of the old Foreman family homestead. John put a new handle on his authentic broadaxe and set about learning the craft of hand hewing from Henry Taylor, a Bancroft Ontario resident somewhere about 80 plus years old. John Foreman took to hand hewing  as if he was born with that broadaxe in his lumberjack hands. In a short 50 hours John was turning out  timbers that fit right in with his square timber home.

John Foreman loves his authentic broadaxe hand hewn timber work and is invited to give demonstrations of hand hewing at many Logger Games and Jamborees where crafters and artisans gather together to reenact the history of Canada.

When John Foreman puts down his broadaxe after a long day of hand hewing, Bancroft townspeople
admire his talent for entertaining with authentic early folk music. John Foreman is a gifted singer, and musician, able to play many instruments including guitar and banjo.

The York River Millennium Band Shell is a traditional log structure built by Authentic Broadaxe Hand Hewer, John Foreman. The rustic band shell host open air music, theater, and festivals in Bancroft Ontario Canada.